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I've been through a lot. I learned. I'm a lot happier right now. ♡
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Dear no one,

Remember me? I miss you.

Lahat pwede kang lokohin eno pero sarili mo hindi mo maloloko kahit kelan haaaaay aishhh 😞

Fact: pag di ako nagttweet, its either busy ako o may problem ako. Yahyah :(:

Thank you Team! ❤️ So much love for you guys!

Had a blast last night! It was my first time to join a Search but indeed it was a great and successful experience! All for God! 🙏 Thank you Notre Dame! 💚

Bat ganon yung boses ko :( ashajwbzm talent please :(

Pressured by that fcking event 😖😖😖

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